Andaman, a Complete Holiday Travel Guide to Enjoy in Summer

Andaman, a Complete Holiday Travel Guide to Enjoy in Summer

Posted By: Admin   Posted Date: 30-04-2019

Andaman the archipelago of 572 islands is one of the most favourite holiday travel destinations in India. The serene beaches, deep blue sparkling water, white sandy beaches and memorable cruise voyage are the perfect reasons for people under the sky to visit the island for a laid-back break from daily life.

Although Andaman is a group of more than 500 islands, but only 38 islands are inhabited. Most of the inhabited islands are the home of the ancient tribes of India. The Andamanese including Jarawa and Sentinelese tribes are very simple living people and love their privacy.

The famous islands of Andaman for an amazing holiday:

Out of the 38 inhabited islands in Andaman, only a few islands are open for the tourists across the globe. Let me take you to a comprehensive tour of the amazing Andaman and its magnificent islands.


Port Blair:

Port Blair, the capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal is the gateway to the pristine islands. The island is a kaleidoscope of the assorted local tradition, multi-culture people, and a fascinating British colonial history. The island also offers diverse sports activities and recreation facilities.

Famous places to visit in Port Blair:

The famous places that you can visit in Port Blair are Cellular Jail, Anthropological Museum, Samudrika, North Bay Beach, Chidiyatappu, Zoological Survey of India Museum, Mudapahar Beach, Carbyn Cove’s Beach and Fishery Museum.


Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep):

Earlier Havelock but now Swaraj Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Andaman available for the tourist activities. The island is famous for the white sandy beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs and relaxing vibe. Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports activities of the island.

The 113 square km of the island bestow green canopy of the lush green forest and promote eco-tourism.

Famous places to visit in Havelock Island:

Famous places that you visit in Havelock Island are Radhanagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kalapathar beach and Govid Nagar Beach. You can also stop at Inglis Island, Mangrove Forest, and Vijaynagar Beach. You can also enjoy water sports activities like snorkelling, kayaking, diving and jet-skiing.

Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep):

A tiny island with splendid biodiversity, white sandy beaches, and tropical woodlands, Shaheed Dweep or Neil Island is also known as the vegetable bowl of Andaman Island. Water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving and ferry travelling is famous among the visitors of Neil Island.

Famous places to visit in Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island):

The famous beaches of the Shaheed Dweep are Sitapur Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Ramnagar Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Natural Bridge Beach. The most famous activities one can do in Shaheed Island are diving, snorkelling, Jungle treks, fishing, cycling and other water sports.

Baratang Island:

In between south and middle Andaman, Baratang Island is a small destination famous for the limestone caves and a mud volcano. Apart from the tranquil beaches, tourists also look for the speed bottom boat ride, trekking, bird watching and the Mangrove Safari. 

Famous places to visit in Baratang Island:

The famous tourist destinations in Baratang Island are a mud volcano, limestone caves, and middle strait jetty.

North Andaman Island:

In the North and Middle Andaman, North Island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Crystal clear blue water, white sandy beaches and lush green forest are the perfect excuses to laid back and enjoy the magic of nature. It is also the abode to the Saddle Peak, the highest point in the archipelago in Andaman.

Famous places to visit in the North Andaman Island:

Tourists in the expedition of North Andaman Island favour to roam around the Rose and Smith Island, Little Andaman Island, Cinque Island, Diglipur Beach, Karmatang Beach, Dhani Nala Beach, North Button National Park, Amkunj Beach and Saddle Peak National Park.

Best time to visit the Andaman Islands:

Although the Andaman Islands experience moderate weather throughout the year, yet the best time to visit the island is in between September to May. The weather is clear most of the time during these months and the exploration of the islands is a pleasurable experience.

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