Top Things to do during Andaman Tour

Top Things to do during Andaman Tour

Posted By: Admin   Posted Date: 25-04-2019

When you look for holiday packages, what are the things you want the most?

  • Amazing journey
  • Tranquil sceneries
  • Lots of fun and incredible itineraries
  • Best food and friendly locals
  • Adventure sports and cherished memories

What if you get everything mentioned above and more in a single trip? Yes, welcome to Andaman, the land of white sandy beaches, miraculous marine life, astounding flora and fauna and mind-boggling fun and adventure sports.

 A quick glimpse of Andaman:

Andaman is an archipelago of more than 572 islands in which only 38 islands have human population. In those 38 islands, only a few islands are open for the outer world. The local tribal people of Andaman such as Jarawa and Sentinelse tribes are still hostile to strangers and do not like their privacy violated by the tourists.

In the Bay of Bengal, all these islands are the real miracle of nature. According to the popular belief, the name Andaman comes from Andoman, a name of Lord Hanumana. The documented archaeological evidence claimed the history of the islands is 2,200 years old. However, some researches also claim the connection of the island to the Middle Paleolithic age.

Things to do in the Andaman Islands:

The Slackening in tranquil beaches:

Long stretched white sandy beaches and magical blue water is the real identity of the islands of Andaman. Coconut trees dancing on the constant tunes of blowing winds, pleasant temperature and mouth-watering food are enough to lure many people to these beaches. The Andaman Islands are a paradise for people to laze around and soak in the golden light of the almighty sun. Almost all the available beaches of Andaman are amazingly soothing and perfect for family holiday, having fun with friends or even a romantic sunbathing with your spouse.

Snorkelling in blue water:

Touring in Andaman and not peeking into the marine life underwater is just a sin. Even though you are not a good swimmer, snorkelling in the Andaman Islands is a perfect lure to shed off your fear of water and dip into the sparkling blue sea.

From Havelock Island to the South Button, Tamarind Camp to Neil Island, snorkelling is a favourite sport everywhere. For a beginner, the island exhibits shallow water like in Elephant beach. If you are a pro, you can also dive in the water of Kalipur and North Bay Island. Just go inside the pristine water and the sceneries will transport you the fairy tale world of mermaids and marine life.

Scuba Diving to explore marine life:

For pro swimmers who want to do the next step of snorkelling, Scuba diving is also available in Andaman Island. Havelock Island is the paradise for the pro swimmers. In the depth of the Indian Ocean, Havelock Island is almost unexplored and less crowded. If you are PADI/SSI certified divers, the night marine life near the lighthouse area is all yours to win.

For an amateur but enthusiastic explorer, Aquarium is the best reef spot to look for a plethora of colourful fishes. Dugongs at Mac point is one of the most popular Scuba diving points in the Andaman. It is also the home of rocky hard corals and Sirenian tusked mammal. Barracuda City offers colourful corals and sea turtles while Seduction point is the home of many underwater marine lives.

Trekking in the unexplored hillocks of Andaman:

Apart from snorkelling and scuba diving, trekking is another most sought adventure sports in The Andaman Islands. Call it backpacking with friends or bushwalking with your spouse, trekking in Andaman along the forest and beautiful coastline is simply awesome.

Chidiya Tapu to Kala Pahad across the densely wooded forest is a delightful hiking path. The magical sunset at Chidiya Tapu then elongated black cliff and open sea escape is an enchanting expedition of 40-60 minutes. The rocky stretch from Mount Harriet to Madhuban is a voyage to remember forever. The encounter with the exotic birds and endemic butterflies, assorted flora and fauna and the sprawling forest trek exhibits superior wild experiences in the Islands.

Trekking from Havelock Island to the Elephant Beach and Saddle Peak exploration of the rain forest is also trendy among the jungle wanderers.

Turtle Nesting:

Turtle nesting in the Kalipur Beach at Diglipur, from December to March, is a heartwarming experience. Watching adult she turtle lay eggs in the dark is a treasured sight.  Hatching of turtle eggs and the voyage of baby turtles to the sea will be etched in your heart and soul forever.


Cellular Jail:

If you are an Indian, you must have heard about the “Kala Pani”. During the Indian Freedom Movement, it was the living hell for the political prisoners. The cellular jail has witnessed the brutal and inhuman torture of British colonial to the freedom fighters in the solitary confinements of the four walls of this jail. Now, it is the pilgrimage for the Indians.

The dark reminiscence of this jail is now an inspiration for many revolutionaries. The exile prisoners like Batukeswar Dutta, Vir Savarkar are incarcerated in this jail. Now the government has opened the jail for everyone as a National Memorial and the Museum along with Swatantra Jyoti, an eternal flame of freedom to pay homage to the martyrs and freedom fighters of India.

Limestone Natural Cave:

You are on a trip to Andaman and you didn’t visit natural Limestone caves in Baratang is a lie. The sedimentary rock at the bottom of the sea lined up with several stalactites and stalagmites is a real treat of nature. The journey to the marvel of nature is also an expedition for a lifetime. The Mangrove boat ride inside Mangrove forest in the speedboat is thrilling. When the boat passes from the main creek of the mangroves to the Nayadera Jetty and then a walking trek to cover is itself an adventurous journey to cherish.

Andaman is a nature’s paradise. The voyage to Andaman does not finish with only these activities. Still, a plethora of other things lures tourists to visit the islands. People come from across the globe to the islands for many reasons.

 Next time, when you decide on a trip to Andaman, do not forget to share your experience and images you clicked with us. 

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