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Delhi Manali Honeymoon Package Rs.8548.00/9498
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Delhi Manali Honeymoon Package (3N / 4D)

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Cancellation/ Modification Policy:-

We at Tourtravel360 have a liberal and fair cancellation policy. Please read the cancellation policy with great care before initiating the booking.

  • Cancellation is allowed only within the 72 hours of the bookings. For the cancellation request after 72 hours of booking, we are not liable for any refund.
  • If the booking has already initiated by the vendors/merchants or the process of shipping has started, the cancellation request will be considered as null and void.
  • For the same day Delivery category, no cancellation will be entertained.
  • For the special tours like group tours, the cancellation will not be considered if the booking was obtained by the TourTravel marketing team. In such cases, we propose special and limited offers and hence such offers are non-refundable.
  • If you find any discrimination in the product offered and the actual services, you must inform us within the 24 hours after receiving the product. Our customer service will do best to resolve your query within the specified time. However, after the 24 hours of the product received, we take no liability of any kind of dissatisfaction.
  • Tourtravel360 and our affiliate partners are not liable for any technical problems from your end. For instances, Visa rejection. In such cases, we will precede the cancellation policy as the normal procedure.
  • We will proceed the refunds only and only if, the conditions mentioned in the package are not the same as delivered by the booking agent. For any other cases, the refund will not be entertained.
  • For any unforeseen circumstances or natural calamities, the traveller has to bear the payment for the facilities he/she has confirmed before. The cancellation and refund will be entertained only through the proper guidelines mentioned above upon submission of the proper receipt received. The process will be initiated only and only if the aforesaid has been informed to the Tourtravel360 advisors or the travel agents.
  • Tourtravel will refund only the services provided through our portal. In case, the traveller has booked other services from outside of Tourtravel360, no claim will be entertained against such services.
  • In case of any technical fault by our side like the local attractions are not available due to either maintenance, bad weather, government conditions like strike or curfew, natural calamities or any other unforeseen reasons, we will try to reimburse only if the refund is possible. The amount of refund varies in different cases. However, the travel agents working for our portals are not liable for it and thus cannot be obliged to refund any amount.

Refund Policy:-

Please read the refund policy carefully. In case of any complications, we will consider the refund policy only mentioned here.

  • If due to any reason, you are not happy with our product or services, we assure you to applicable refund only and only if:
    • The cancellation and the request for the cancellation are made within the 72 hours of the purchase.
    • If the travel agent has already processed your orders and all the bookings have been done, we do not guarantee any refund even within 72 hours.
    • For the cancellation and the refund, you simply need to contact our customer care executive within the 72 hours of the product purchased and request for the same.
  • We thrive to provide only the best services. We also take our cancellations very seriously. In case of cancellation, we love to know the reason for your cancellation (Optional) so that in future, we don’t give you any reason for complaints.
  • During the cancellation request, please mention the order number (sent via email after the order). All the refund will process only within the period of 21 days.
  • We are not liable for the delay in the refund if the delay is caused by the processing bank.
  • In case, you want to amend the services or add extra services like changing of dates, itinerary or any inclusions, the extra cost will be bear by the customers only. All the changes made by the customer in the package will be entertained only after the cancellation of the original purchase and again buying of the amended product.
  • We at Tourtravel360 do not encourage amendments or modifications once the booking has been done. However, changes in the product or amendement are the sole discretion of the travel agent only after special and permitted conditions.
  • TourTravel360 is not liable for the collision of services due to change in the original schedule by the traveller. All the changes are subject to the mutual agreement between the travel agent and the traveller.
  • In case of force majeure, TourTravel360 is not liable for any kind of losses occurred.
  • Force Majeure refers to:
    • Events that are not foreseen or forestall
    • War, riot, curfew, natural disaster like earthquakes or floods or storms, civil strife, terrorist activities, Act of God, a nuclear disasters and other similar events.

No individual or organizations are authorized other than to receive any kind of payment for our services. In case of misshape or financial fraud, we do take any kind of legal or financial liability.

*In case of any legal disputes, all legal actions must be taken only in the Delhi jurisdiction area. We are not obliged to entertain any legal claim other than Delhi Jurisdiction.

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