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Amritsar, where the soul of Punjab resides, is a revered city for the Sikh religion. Near the India-Pakistan border, it stands in valour and represents the nation’s diverse culture and heritage. Apart from Sikhs, people from all religion visit Amritsar and explore the sacred Golden Temple with the budget Amritsar holiday packages.

Harmandir Sahib or Golden Temple is the main pilgrim site for the Sikh people from all over the world. Founded by Guru Ram Das in 1577, today the shrine receives hundreds and thousands of daily devotees in the temple premises. People even get the cheapest Amritsar holiday packages just to pay respect to Akal Takht.

The city Amritsar has also witnessed the cruel and inhuman massacre of hundreds of Indian freedom fighter along with innocent women and children by the British official in post-independence. Jaliawala Bagh has still preserved the markings of bullets and the aura of innocent blood spilt over its soil. Amritsar holiday packages are handy when travelling to nearby areas like Bagha border, Guru Ka Mahal, and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Museum.

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