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The abode of one-horned Rhino and the biggest producer of tea in India, Assam is one of the seven sister states of northeast India. The tour to Assam is always interesting. The state flaunts many interesting things that can only find here. The cheapest Assam holiday packages are popular among the tourists from the nearby states.

Assam is also the home to the smallest and biggest river islands in the world. Ummananda and Majuli respectively on Brahmaputra River flaunt these two islands that are the nature’s mystery. The state has preserved many mysteries and stories. Jatinga, a small village is the suicide point for birds for last the 100 years. No one knows why in winter birds here suicide. The budget Assam holiday packages lead the travellers to many such places in Assam that has bizarre stories to say.

Assam is also the biggest dry fish market in Asia. The Kamakhya Temple is a famous pilgrim centre. It is also the most powerful Shaktipith of Goddess Durga. Bihu, the famous festival of northeast India is celebrated here three times in a year. The land to amazing forest, greeneries and flora and fauna, Assam is incredible in every sense. The holiday packages for Assam are helpful when travelling to the state and exploring the small wonders here.

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