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The abode to the ancient Jarawa tribe, Baratang Island was inaccessible till 1998 and still, the interaction to the Jarawa Tribe is prohibited for securing their life and culture. Apart from the Native Jarawa tribe, the island is also the home of mangroves forest and limestone cave. The budget Baratang holiday packages cover the pick and drop for the tourists from their hotel and then visit the limestone cave and nearby Mud island through the Uttara jetty and Mangrove forest.

The limestone cave in Baratang is one of nature’s wonder that elevates the adrenaline hormones in the human body. The journey to the cave includes the passing from the Jarawa tribe reserves. The tribal people are the most dangerous tribe in India, but they are the people that are preserving nature’s treasure on the island. Even with the cheapest Baratang holiday packages, tourists to the island must visit the cave.

Near to Baratang Jetty, Mud volcanoes are famous tourist attractions. The journey to the mud volcanoes commences through Jetty that also covers restricted Jarawa tribe reserve. Since the people from the tribe have less immunity towards the outer world, the government has restricted any interaction with the tribal people. Holiday package for Baratang also includes visiting the other islands of Andaman archaeology. 

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