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The city that is oldest than Hinduism, a place that was also significant in Vedic days, the town that is one of the oldest inhabitant towns of the world, Haridwar is older than the modern civilization, greater than the mind can think and holiest than the religion. The city attracts millions of domestic and international tourists with the budget Haridwar holiday packages throughout the year. The number increases to a record high during the Kumbh festival. Ganga, the holiest river of India also attains Haridwar first after coming to the plains. The history of Haridwar is 1700 years older than Jesus.

Haridwar means Hari (Vishnu, God) and Dwar (Door, Gate). It is obvious, Haridwar is the fastest route to find God and seek nirvana. The people with the cheapest Haridwar tour packages also visit the many river banks or Ghats of the revered river Ganga. The daily rituals at the Ghats of Ganga during dusk and dawn attract thousands of visitors every day. The door to the Chota Chardham Yatra, Haridwar also receives several visitors that were on the voyage of Chardham Yatra from May to July.

The city is the home of many ancient temples and modern architecture. It is the only city in the world that houses the Bharat Mata Temple, a temple devoted of the Mother India. The best Haridwar holiday packages also cover the exploration to the Chilla wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the abode of many wildlife animals such as Tiger or Elephant.

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