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Discovered in the 20th century, the temples of Khajuraho are the best-preserved monuments of antiquity said by Archaeological Survey of India. The most popular tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh, It is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site in India. The budget Khajuraho holiday packages are the most famous among tourists of Khajuraho.

The temples depict various forms of life. Meditation, wrestling, spirituality, royalty, kinship, the daily life of artisans and erotic sculptures embellish the walls of the temples. According to local tales, King Chandravarman, the founder of Chandela dynasty started building these temples as per his mother’s will and later other kings followed the tradition. Based on the ancient Hindu Vastu Sashtra, the temples follow Vastu-Purusha-Mandala design that has three significant components-Mandala, Purusha and Vastu that means circle, along with the core Hindu tradition and the dwelling structure. With the cheapest Khajuraho holiday packages, tourists from all over the world visit and appreciate the finest art of human.

Build between 950-1050 AD, all the temples are divided into two groups of religion-Hindu and Jainism. Originally it was the group of 85 temples, now they are reduced to 22 temples only. The best Khajuraho holiday packages cover the tour of a total of 22 temples along with the nearby places. Derived the name Khajuraho from the Khajur trees (dates) that used to adorn each gate of the Khajuraho temples in couple, the group of temples are mainly dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and all the deities along with the saints of Jain religions.

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