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Lahaul and Spiti two distinct districts in Himachal Pradesh but very close to each other are bustling tourists spot in summer. The Kunzum la separates Spiti Valley from Lahaul. Lahaul in the ancient Manali-Leh route is the bouquet of amazing Buddhist art and culture along with scenic mountain villages. The tourists with the budget Lahaul Valley holiday packages usually come to Spiti-Lahaul tour. Spiti that lies across the Kunzum Pass acts as a better half of Lahaul.

Lahaul that means “Country of the God” is truly divine and majestic. Lho-Yul, Tibetan word, which depicts the meaning “country in the south”, is a quaint and tranquil hill amidst the high mountains and massive glaciers. The meandering rivers and forested hillsides along with snow-capped mountains create a miraculous aura to spellbind the onlookers.  Even with the cheapest Lahaul Valley holiday packages, tourists do not forget to visit the local small villages and explore the simple and alluring life of the villagers.

The sheer and raw beauty of Lahaul is unmatched. The rustic charm, sandy terrain, the local culture thriving with Buddhism and Hindu religion, everything about Lahaul is heavenly. Nourished by two rivers-Chandra and Bhaga, the valley is enchanting. The quaint settlement of the mountains and rivers along with greens lure many appreciating eyes and adventure aficionados with best Lahaul holiday packages.

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