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The home of the rare two-humped Bactrian camel, Leh Ladakh is enchanting and enthralling in every sense. The ride on the large, even-toed hoofed mammal, the snow-capped but tough mountains, the meandering rivers and lakes, everything about Leh-Ladakh is divine. The budget Leh-Ladakh holiday packages lead the tourists to the north of Kashmir where the magical aura of clod desert captivate the heart and soul of every onlooker.

Leh, the largest town of Ladakh, is the real snow desert in India. The mystical sensation, mighty mountains and the tough route, it is the Mecca for the trekkers and adventure aficionados. With the cheapest Leh-Ladakh holiday packages, tourists get the chance to explore the several trekking trails, the royal palace of Namgyal dynasty and the area around Indus River.

The best Leh-Ladakh holiday packages offer the amazing chance to explore the Leh city with the best itineraries. At an elevation of 4,500 meters, it offers the second highest optical telescope in the globe-the Indian Astronomical Observatory. Leh is perfect for stargazing and exploring Milky Way. People come to Nubra village from Leh for camping and watching galaxies.

Holiday package for Leh-Ladakh also gives tourists the chance to walk over the highest bridge in the world. Between the Suru and Dras Rivers, the Bailey bridge is situated at the altitude of 5,602 meters above the sea level.

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