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In the Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is the barren and cold desert lying in the Indo-Tibetan border. The Kunzum Pass separates Spiti from its sister Lahaul Valley. The home to the rocky hills, captivating lakes and creeks and sometimes naked and sometimes snow-capped mountains, Spiti Valley is the trekking heaven. The budget Spiti Valley holiday packages help advent our aficionados to explore the valley and enjoy the pristine nature at its raw forms.

In the Himalayas, Spiti means middle. True to the name, Spiti Valley is the middle land between India and Tibet. Travellers who are keen to learn about the Tibet and Buddhism culture get the cheapest Spiti Valley holiday packages and come to this least inhabitant valley since the natives here follow the same culture as of Tibet.

Although most people here follow the Vajrayana Buddhism, the natives of Pin Valley are the abode of the few left Buchen Lamas that follow the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. The best Spiti Valley holiday packages help the tourists to explore the Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery. This is the oldest monastery of the world and also one of the pilgrimage spot for Buddhist.

 The Chandra Taal, at the elevation of 4,300 meters is at the shape of a crescent moon. The holiday package for Spiti Valley is useless without the tour to this magical lake. The mystical lake is popular because of its changing colour water from blue to green to red to Orange throughout the say.

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