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In the heart of Andhra Pradesh, Araku Valley is the most popular tourist destination. The city witnesses several tourists from September to May that comes here to explore the high mountains, unmatched landscapes and lush green forest. However, for the full exploration of the city, the tourists need the travel agent in Araku Valley.

Nestled amidst the Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta forest in the Eastern Ghat, Araku Valley is a paradise for the nature explorer. Tour operators in Araku Valley helps tourists to get a remarkable trip in and around the valley. The Chaparai Waterfall in the valley is an amazing sight.

Anathagiri hills in the Araku Valley have a surreal vista. With the help of the best tour operator in Araku Valley, the tourists can arrange camping or picnic in the Anathagiri hills with friends and family. Padampura Botanical Garden has preserved the rich history of the valley. With the help of Araku Valley travel agent, travellers can see the rarest and endangered species of trees and plants.

 Bora Caves and Araku Tribal Museum are hard to miss in the valley. Visiting Araku Valley and not having the famous local cuisines is impossible. Get the best travel agent in the Araku Valley with the help of and enjoy the Bongulo Chicken, Madugula Halwa and Teppi Avakaya.

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