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Barren Island, as the name suggests is uninhabited. In the Bay of Bengal, Barren Island is the home of India’s only living volcano. In the group of Andaman Islands, Barren Island attracts many domestic and international tourists that come here with the help of tour operators in Barren Island.

Although the government has banned the staying or landing on the islands for the travellers due to the security region, people can visit in and around the island. At the intersection of Indian and Burmese plates which is around 1.8 million years old, Barren Island is known for breathtaking amazing landscapes. A trip to the island needs the support of a good travel agent in Barren Island.

People get the ferries either from the Port Blair or from Havelock Island to visit the Barren Island. Hiring the best tour operator in Barren Island is always good for the trip. They help tourists to go scuba diving in the water surrounding the island. The water of Barren Island is one of the top scuba destinations of the world.

 The island has limited inhabitants. Goats, birds, rodents and a few bats in the Barren Island are the only living things found there. A Barren Island travel agent knows exactly where to take the tourists. The major attractions of the Barren Island are Manta Rays, coral gardens, basalt formation and the amazing topography.

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