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Bodhgaya where the prince Siddhartha attained bodhisattva is the most significant pilgrim place for Buddhism. Devotees from different part of the world come here and pray to the holy Buddha. However, the trip to the city is more pleasurable when the tourists hire a travel agent in Bodhgaya.

The city that can help people to get nirvana is sacred and worshipped by millions of people around the world. Tour operators in Bodhgaya help domestic and international tourists to explore the city and understand the importance of all the monuments there. 

A small village in the state of Bihar, Bodhgaya is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the right best tour operator in Bodhgaya, visiting the Mahabodhi tree is a highly revered experience. The various monasteries from Indian and foreign countries always attract many tourists. A trip to the city helps people to understand Buddhism and its philosophy clearly.

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