Baratang tour packages

Nature has many ways to surprise and amaze human. Baratang Island is one such surprise of nature between south and middle Andaman. The island was inaccessible for tourist for a few years ago. However, you can explore this hidden gem by buying any low budget tour packages of Baratang.

The island is almost 100 km away from Port Blair. Because of the Jarawa tribe attacks, people considered it as a most feared island. Now the Jarawa tribe reserve is helping to build trust between the Jarawa tribe and the outer world. This has opened a new door of business for the tribal people in terms of tourism. The island now welcomes tourist from across the globe with many cheap tour packages.

Places to visit in Baratang under short tour packages:

Andaman Island and exotic beaches are synonyms. Baratang also offers amazing unexplored beaches perfect for the honeymoon couple. The mud volcano and Mangrove creeks are the sights not to miss at any cost.  The limestone cave is not open for all.  However, with Baratang Budget tour packages, the travel agents get the permissions for tourists to explore these caves.

You also cannot miss the sedimentary rock forms, fossils of the century’s old marine life in the cave. Similarly, you can visit the mud volcano in any low cost packages available with travel agents for Baratang. Parrot Island is another attraction for the one day best tour packages in Baratang.

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