Bodhgaya tour packages

Bodhgaya is the city of the bodhisattva.  It is one of the revered pilgrimages of Buddhism. As one of the prime religious pilgrimage of the Buddhist people, the village always witnesses the sea of people from every country. With a deep history and rich heritage, the city welcomes numerous Buddhist and other tourists each year. Many low budget tour packages are available that helps travellers to visit the city with no hassle.

Bodhgaya was the place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. Followers of Buddha and Buddhist monks have their temples and monasteries which is the prime attraction for the tourists. Apart from the Bodhi tree where Buddha got the supreme knowledge, many places are also famous among the tourists who come here with cheapest bodhgaya tour packages.

Places to visit in Bodhgaya that all budget tour packages include:

Besides Buddhist temples, the village is also a pilgrimage centre of Hindu religion. With your best tour packages, you can visit Mahabodhi temple, Lotus pond, Meditation gardens and monasteries from many foreign countries.

Under short tour packages, you can also visit the main city Gaya. Here, you can see numerous Hindu temples and can attain the famous rituals of Shradh and Tarpan.

You can reach by train or bus or through private vehicles from Patna having bought low cost packages. You can also take “wonder of wheels”, a Bihar tourism transport to tour the village in a peaceful mind.

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