Kinnaur tour packages

Kinnaur is one of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh. Famous as a “Land of God” among tourists who come here with Budget tour packages, Kinnaur is a beauty nurtured by nature. The lush green flora and rocky mountain with the rivers like Satluj, Spiti and Bapsa snaking between the valleys is a site to cherish for everyone.

Kinnaur is also famous for the kaleidoscope of Hindu and Buddhism culture flourishing simultaneously at the one place. The district is a holy pilgrimage for Hindu for the home of Shiva. The history of the city goes back to the time of Mahabharata.

Things to do in Kinnaur with low budget tour packages:

Apart from nature explorer, every year a big number of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrim buy short and cheap tour packages to visit Kinnaur.  In Bapsa valley, Shangla is a small town close to Tibet border. The town hasfamous trekking trails along with SanglaBuddist temple, Bering Nag temple, and the villages and fort.

In the Sutlej River Valley, Kalpais situated above RecongPeo. The town is known for the apple orchard and many temples. People buy low cost packages to visitthe temples of Hindu and Buddhism religion here.

Chitkul has an amazing view. It is near the Indo-China border and is famous for the world-best potatoes. Indian roads end here. Nako monastery is the famous Buddhist monastery in Nako village. You can buy tour packages to visit the entire valley and explore nature’s best creations of the world here.

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