Nagpur tour packages

Nagpur is the third largest city of Maharashtra. As one of the fastest growing city, Nagpur exhibits many beautiful lakes and wildlife. The cheap Nagpur tour packages are extremely famous among the local tourists for one day tour.

The city is famous for its local cuisines and people specially buy budget Nagpur tourism packages to relish the world famous Varhadi cuisines.

Near the city of Ramtek in the Nagpur district, Khindsi Lake is a delight to watch. It is the largest boating centre of Central India. People come here with the budget Nagpur tour packages for recreation activities like boating, water sports and resorts and restaurants.

In the southwest border of Nagpur, Ambazari Lake is the largest lake in the city. The famous Nag River originates from here. Even with the cheapest Nagpur tour and travel packages, you cannot afford to miss the amazing beauty of Futala Lake. At night, when the world sleeps, the lake awakes with the coloured fountain, halogen lights and the famous Tanga rides.

Shukrawari Lake is located near the Raman Science centre in Nagpur. This manmade lake is the work of Chand Sultan 275 years before to supply water to the habitats of the city.

Best tour packages of Nagpur also covers the exploration of Umred-Pauni-Karhandla-Wildlife Sanctuary. The century is a famous breeding centre for the Tigers, herds of gaur and many rare animals like flying squirrels and pangolins.

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