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The Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal is a group of islands and the home to the indigenous Andamanese including the tribes of Jarawa and Sentinelse people. The islands have preserved the “Old Stone Age” lifestyle of hunting and fishing and are still way far from the modern lifestyle. Tourists get the budget Andaman culture tour package to explore the ancient culture and the preserved heritage of the islands.

The islands have been the part of many stories of the great writers. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has talked about the island in his famous 1890 Sherlock Holmes novel “The Sign of the Four”. In the 13th century, the Chinese book Zhu Fan Zi also discussed Andaman Island. According to the archaeologists, people used to live in the Island as early as from the Middle Palaeolithic era.

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman. It exhibits the notorious Cellular Jail that was the prison for the Indian exile political leaders during British colonial rule. People get the cheapest Andaman Heritage tour packages to explore the jail and get a glimpse of the sorrowful life of political prisoners and the brutal cruelty they faced during the British rule. 

The serene and exotic beaches of Andaman, the various islands, tranquil blue water, rich flora and fauna and many adventure activities lure tourists to visit Andaman and enjoy some cherished time in the city. The local cuisines and the natural heritages are priceless and attract many people to the island.

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