Araku Valley adventure tour packages

Araku valley is a gem hidden in the heart of Andhra Pradesh. The high mountains and lush green forest always invite people to pack their rucksack, buy the cheapest Araku Valley adventure tour packages and explore the valley with full enthusiasm.

During winter from December to February, the valley experiences the freezing temperature about minus five degree Celsius. This is the perfect time for the explorers who love to watch the snow-capped mountains in their pristine form. The budget Araku Valley adventure tour packages are the most popular during winter.

During September to May, the valley blossomed with the flora and fauna. It is the ideal time for trekking and other sports and adventure activities. The Araku Valley adventure tour packages are mostly in demand due to the escapade activities.

Apart from trekking, caving and sightseeing are the other activities popular among tourists. Adventure tour packages for Araku Valley are especially popular among youth and nature lovers. Bora caves, Araku Tribal Museum, Padmapuram Botanical Garden, Ananthgiri Hills and Chapari waterfall are some major allure that attracts tourists to adventure tour packages for Araku Valley.

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