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Assam tour is synonymous of an adventurous trip. The Blue Mountains and meandering rivers along with deep valley are enough to speed up the flow of blood in the veins. The cheapest Assam adventure tour packages are the most popular among people who always look for a chilling expedition.

From trekking to river rafting, mountain climbing to the hang gliding, Assam offers numerous sports activities that surely activate your adrenaline gland. If you buy the budget Assam adventure tour packages, you can enjoy a plethora of mountain and river sport activities in the hills.

Assam offers superior trekking route perfect for both novice and pro mountaineers. Rock climbing in Assam state zoo and waterfall rappelling in Amsoi are the ideal lures to attract people with Assam adventure tour packages.

Kayaking and canoeing in Charan Beel Lake amaze many people. The white water rafting in Bogamati is sure to increase your blood pressure in an instance. Adventure tour packages for Assam also includes an amazing day Amchang wildlife and motorbike expedition in the winding roads of the northeast.

Basistha reserve forest exhibits trekking route in the Garbhanga forest along with Basistha waterfalls. People also buy best Assam adventure tour packages to enjoy the bird watching in Dipor Bil and Accoland. Rafting and forest trekking in the Nameri National Park also attracts the visitors in the land of Assam.

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