Baratang adventure tour packages

In the north and middle Andaman, Baratang is a small island famous mainly for adventure tourism and tranquil beaches. The budget Baratang adventure tour packages are ideal to explore the island without shelling out much money.

Baratang adventure tour packages lead you to the amazing ancient limestone caves amid an opaque mangrove forest. The government encourages eco-tourism inside the cave so the place is extremely clean and free from human garbage.

The cheapest Baratang adventure tour packages are also famous among the tourists. Merk Bay, Strait Island and Spike Island are some unexplored islands that are near to the Baratang Island. All these islands have beautiful beaches and superb marine life.

With the adventure tour packages to Baratang, Mud Volcano is a must visit place. It is a small walk out from the Limestone caves and exhibits modest geological features such as a pit of erupting mud and gasses. It is a nice place for the tourists to experience the eruption of the volcano without any danger.

Best Adventure Baratang packages also include the visit of Bluff Island and the Guitar Island. The white sandy beaches and sparkling blue ocean water are just right allure to pull tourists for some serene break away from the busy urban life.

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