Barren Island adventure tour packages

Barren Island is the abode of India’s only active volcano. People from afar come to the island with budget Barren Island adventure tour packages to get a glimpse of the volcano.

The cheapest Barren Island adventure tour packages are hit among people who love to do scuba diving. The waters around the island are perfect for scuba diving and learning about magnificent marine life.

The 3 km wide island is mostly deserted apart from tourists now and then. People buy Barren Island adventure tour packages to explore the volcanic area. Tourists hire rented ferry or boat from Port Blair. People also look for seaplane tour around the island.

Usually, to visit Barren Island, government permit is necessary. Since the volcano on the island is active; land ashore is restricted to the tourists. However, people can see the burning volcano from afar while taking a round of the island on a ferry or Sky plane with adventure tour packages for Barren Island.

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