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Bodh Gaya is the religious centre of Buddhism. In the Bihar state, it is a small village a few km away from the main city. The village is famous for its Buddha connections. According to the historical facts, The Buddha got his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at this place. With the budget Bodhgaya Family tour packages, thousands of domestic and international tourists visit the place and explore the sacred land of the Buddha.

Many Buddhist and Hindu temples dotted everywhere in the village attracts people from the Hindu and Buddhist religion. The monks from Japan, Sri Lanka and many Asian countries stay here in various monasteries and make the village one of the happening places for the religious voyage. People come here with their family and offer prayers to Buddha and seek blessings and good luck with the family tour packages for Bodh Gaya.

With the cheapest Bodh Gaya family tour packages, a few of the must visit places are Mahabodhi Temple, holy Bodhi Tree, Sangharama, the Myanmar Temple and Sujata Stupa.

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