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Chardham is one of the significant Hindu religious voyages. It is considered as the four abodes of the Hindu pilgrimage sites to attain Moksha. Although Chardham Yatra is a religious expedition, the journey to these four places is extremely adventurous. Even with the cheapest Chardham adventure tour packages, the Chardham Yatra will take you to thrilling and memorable outings.

The journey of Chardham starts from Yamunotri nestled in the high altitude of the Rawai Valley. The budget Chardham adventure tour packages begin with the paying homage to the Goddess Yamuna. The temple stands high in the west of the Bunderpunch Peak.

The next stop of the Yatra is Gangotri dedicated to the holy river Ganga and the goddess Ganga. In the Himalaya range of Uttarakhand, the tour to the Gangotri shrine is superbly exhilarating. Chardham adventure tour packages help pilgrimage to get both, the spiritual satisfaction and the thrill of doing some action amid the valley of Himalaya.

Kedarnath, the third step of the voyage is the vital pilgrim for the devotee of Lord Shiva. Located in the insurmountable valley of Himalaya at the height of 3,584 meters, the temple is breathtakingly amazing. Adventure tour packages of Chardham leads the pilgrims to one of the 12 rare Jyotirlingams.
Badrinath is the last cessation of the Chardham journey. The best Chardham adventure tour packages are ideal to visit the temple that stands gloriously between the Nar and Narayan peaks of Himalaya at the height of 3,133 meters. It is one the most pious site for the devotees of Lord Vishu.

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