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At the confluence of Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers, Sundarban is a great mangrove area in the Bay of Bengal. The forest spans over Hooghly River to the Baleswar River comprises forests, deltas, rivers and lakes. As the name suggests, Sunderban “the beautiful forest”, is an abode of a plethora of rare and endangered species of animals and plants. The budget Sunderban adventure tour packages are a treat to all the forest lovers and trekkers of the world who love to explore the wildlife and trek routes.

With the four protected areas in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sundarban is one of the prominent tourist destinations in India. The extremely rich flora and fauna lure several people for the forest expedition with the cheapest Sundarban adventure tour packages.  

Sundarban with the four important forests regions, Sundarban National Park, Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuaries, Sundarban South and Sundarban West, is the largest estuarine forest of the world. The intricate pattern of streams, muddy beaches and the world’s largest delta, the forest area is a paradise for adventure aficionados that come here with the best Sundarban adventure tour packages.

The tour packages for Sundarban also include the visit to the famous rivers like Hoogli, Matla, Kortal and Pidya River. The boating and swimming in these rivers freshen the mind, body and soul of the travellers. The Sundari trees that gave the name to the forest are one of the most exquisite types of Mangrove trees. The forest is also the home of Royal Bengal tiger and one can see them swimming in the saline water here. Fishing cats, Leopard cats, Chital, Wild Boar, and Macaques are some famous animals once can see during trekking in Sundarban.

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